We expertise in designing records, with a lot of works done til now. We design several formats of digipacks, jewel boxes and vinyls.

If the customers want it, we can manage the entire project, what’s means from the briefing to the delivery of the finished product. We work with several suppliers, so we are pleased to offer competitive prices of production to our customers.


If you are recording you new album, we will take care of the design ;)

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Capa de DiElas (Luís Tosar)

Título: DiElas
Cliente: DiElas (projeto musical de Luís Tosar e Piti Sanz)
Ano: 2011
Formato: Digipak de 3 corpos (mate), livro 16 páginas
Impressom: Offset (CMYK)

Digipak de DiElas (Luís Tosar)DiElas cover (Luís Tosar)
Digipak DiElas Luís Tosar
digipakdielas luis tosar
digipak luís tosar dielas

Capa do libreto de DiElas (Luís Tosar)
dielas book luis tosar
Libreto de DiElas (Luís Tosar)Book DiElas Luís Tosar

Contra-capa de DiElas (Luís Tosar)